2013 PHCC LPN Prospectives

  1. 0 So I went to campus today to drop off some paperwork and was told it might not be until November to hear back on whether I was accepted or not. I guess this is more of a vent. I am already giddy with excitement about he prospect and can not bear to wait another month plus to hear back. A friend of mine already went through the program about 2 years ago and he heard back in early October so I've been banking on that. Any one else as excited as I am and has anyone else heard anything different?
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    moved to FL state nursing program forum. I believe there are a couple of other threads by students from this program. Good luck.
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    Does PHCC decide on the LPN applicants at the same time as the RN applicants? They decided on the RNs this last Wednesday (9/26) & those letters go out next week. I've applied for both programs just in case. Good luck
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    Not sure. I'm hesitant to call, don't want to make them mad. I'm sure others are already inundating them. Was hoping one of them would pipe up on here.

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