What kinda of critical care experience?

  1. 0 I am a currently a nursing student, 6 months untill graduation! I know I've got some years of resume building in order to fly, so my question is this. What kind of critical care do you recomend? Trauma/surgical ICU, CCU, Medical ICU??? What are your suggestions? What are your critiques?

    I am currently a tech in an Open Heart Recovery unit. I have the potential to transition in as an RN when i graduate. The unit has patients that are extremely acute, with multiple IV drips, Swans, vents, ect... Would this be a good place to start out, when it comes to getting experience for flight nursing? Or is it too cardiac specific, lacking the full systems interactions?

    Thanks for any input.
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    Personally I'd go with the SICU. But then that's were I got my experience.

    In a busy high acuity SICU you can see just about everythign there is to see. I did high risk OB, had people on IABP, and just about every medical condition under the sun as well as the trauma and surgical conditions.

    But bweing honest, just going somewhere with the hight accuity possible would work for most people.

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