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    I have been a nurse for approx. 4 years working in an ICU/CCU setting and Level 1 trauma/emergency room. I am also working as a paramedic part-time. My dream is to become a flight nurse, but it seems my weight is holding me back. I am 6' 5" and 235pds. I could only probably lose 15 pounds. The flight programs I have checked into usually have a 200 pd. weight limit. This is very frustrating. Is there any advice or names of flight programs that fly bigger helicopters or don't have a weight limit that you can give me? THANKS


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    Hi there! www.flightweb.com has links to flight programs all over the country and the world. I have seen some services post a limit of 250lbs. I can not be sure which ones, but they have classified ads on the site, so you may want to check there. Sorry I could not be of more help. Kim Rush, RN

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