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    I am new to the forum. I am a pre med student and have been completely set on being a physician since i was a very young child... that was untill i became an EMT and was exposed to HEMS. I am currently in the middle of internal conflict over if i should continue on my path to medical school or if i should become a nurse so I can fly. I am so enthused about the idea of aeromedical transport that I even dream about it. Recently I heard that there are several programs in the US that fly with physician/RN teams, how ever I cant seem to dig up any info on any of them. Does any one know of any of these programs? I know a lot of international programs fly with physicians, and I would consider moving to a different country for a job like that, but i would preferably like to stay in the old USA. If anyone has any info I would greatly appreciate it, that would literally be my dream job.
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    The University of Wisconsin at Madison's hospital flies Nurse/MD. Their program is Med Flight, and they are based at the University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin
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    Metro LifeFlight in Cleveland.

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