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Previous experience accepted?

  1. 0 I was a crewchief/flight engineer in the Army for 7 years (chinook helicopters) I'm currently a nursing student, first year. Do you think this military experience will give me the chance to be a flight nurse?
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    You will still need to get the experience and the certifications as an RN, you will be looking at things from another prospective now.

    Good luck with school.
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    to be aflight nurse you must have RN and and rich experience of shifting patient even in ground. Your experience may help you in the area like scene safety.
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    It will barely be credited toward evaluating your qualifications to be a flight nurse.

    It really isn't that hard to ride around in a helicopter, and RN's certainly don't have to fix them. Now keeping someone alive at 3,000 feet can be tough.

    Focus on obtaining prehospital EMS experience and ICU experience and definitely don't count on your experience as a crew chief to carry much wt.

    Regardless, kudo's to you for your service and thank you for the time you spent serving this great country.

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