Infant restraint system cost?

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    I would like to propose a product change for our transport team. In the unit I currently work with, we use straps with velcro that criss-cross across the infants chest (in a X). They're not only disgusting, but terribly unsafe. The unit I used to work for uses the Airborne Life Support Infant Restraint System (papoose), pictured here --->

    Does anyone have a rough estimate (or exact) cost for this particular product?

    Thanks so much!
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    Well, thanks anyhow... they're $77/each.

    Maybe we could turn this topic into a discussion about infant restraint systems? What are you using? Pros? Cons?
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    The Airborne 5 point harness is the ONLY product available to safely transport an infant in an isolette. The velcro straps are garbage. In the past I made webbing straps out of technical webbing and ladder locks but the Airborne product is superior by far.

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