Bonus for Flight Nurses in Maryland/DC?

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    Hello. I heard some hospitals in the Washington DC Metropolitan area offer some sort of bonus or incentives to Flight Nurses. I hear maybe Children's Hospital and University of Maryland. Would any of you happen to know?
    Any information will be appreciated. Thanks!

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    At Children's National Transport Team Members are paid a "Critical Care" bonus while on duty. This bonus is whether on air or ground. So there is no bonus for flight, but Critical Care areas of the facility all receive the same stipend.
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    If you take the job at Children's, the bonus is you get to work with me (though I think of it as "for me").

    The bonus for me is I get to make fun of your silly red suit.
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    I might be wrong, but I feel like most of the helicopters that come into University of Maryland (at least the ones that go to Shock Trauma) are from the Maryland State Police. As far as I know they do not use flight nurses- they only have flight we're kind of cut out there.

    Its one of the reasons why I, the curious/potential flight nurse to be, am reluctant to try any sort of flight nursing in MD. I know they're there, but how much they're used is another story entirely.
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    In MD, the State Police does most of the scene calls, while UMMC Express Care (they DO have a flight transport division) and Johns Hopkins Lifeline (the two flight services that I know of in MD) do most all interfacility transfers. There's also MedStar based out of Washington Hospital Center, which has additional bases in MD; I think they might do scene calls in VA from their base in DC. So if you want to do scene calls for a flight service, then Maryland probably isn't your state. But there's definitely air and ground interfacility CCT work to be had- both services transport some VERY sick patients from outside hospitals.

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