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  1. 0 1) Where could I find a good course on mass casualty disasters? I know a few years back, I had a brochure from a company from the east( I don't remember where). They had a train in there backyard and they did mock on major disaster.

    2) I would like to do a presentation on farm incident. I know there course on the subject but is there a place I can find article or a book on it??
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    Maybe you can do a search on United States Home Security Dept. web site?
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    I don't know of a downloadable document covering all of the farmedic-type material, but there are a couple of articles on farm incidents and initial response here:


    You might also contact a sales rep for various rescue tools, and see if they can point you in the right direction (Hurst, Holmatro, Howell) - Holmatro sent us some disks a couple of years ago with videos of different extrication strategies.
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