(Illinois) Air Angels helicopter down, kills 3 crew & 14 mo old pt

  1. Authorities are checking whether an Aurora radio tower was properly lit when an Air Angels helicopter clipped a support wire and crashed late Wednesday night, killing three crew members and a Leland girl. Officials are also investigating whether the pilot was flying high enough and whether there were any mechanical problems.

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  3. by   Jolie
    What a terrible tragedy! This happened near my former hometown. I dreaded reading the names of the dead, for fear I might have known one of them. Thank Goodness that's not the case. My prayers for all involved.

    There is an issue not mentioned in the article that I wonder about. Due to the tenuous malpractice situation in IL, there are very few practicing neurosurgeons left in the state. I believe that Central DuPage Hospital (the original destination of the transport team) is the only facility in Northern IL outside of Chicago that has one. The transport was diverted to Children's Memorial due to lack of space at CDH. I can't help but wonder if the lack of specialists elsewhere contributed to the high census at CDH that forced the transport team to attempt to reach a much more distant facility.