What was your ACNP Cirriculum and Experiences Like?

  1. 0 I've been accepted into a BSN program. I will be graduating with a BSN in 2 years. I know I still have a while, but ever since I decided to pursue Nursing as a major, I've always been interested in the Nurse Practitioner career. Could someone, preferably an ACNP with a MSN or DNP, give me some insight/ advice/ and recommendations about this career? I know there's a lot of talk about changing the NP policy to requiring to have a DNP to be a NP. Even if that's not the case, is it worth it? I know that in the future, if I'm not up to the fast pace, I could always do research. So...

    -Did you work, after getting your BSN, in the ER or ICU to get experience?

    -Did you apply to Nursing Graduate School via direct program? BSN to DNP?

    -Obviously Grad school is going to be "harder" than undergrad... but was it "overwhelming" and very difficult to work at the same time?

    I'll definitely be taking ER/ Trauma/ ICU electives if they're offered at my school. Thanks for any advice and input!
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