What classes do i take!!!?

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    I'm 18 I am now a CNA! Yay finished the course and state exam. Now I want to work on becoming a RN, what classes do I take?do I apply for the nursing program now?
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    Congratulations on achieving your first milestone!

    Schools are different, so the best approach is to contact your local nursing schools directly for information about their admission requirements.
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    Agree with the above poster but generally the pre reqs are:
    English I, II, III (which is a literature type of class)
    Psychology, Sociology
    A&P I, II, Chemistry, Microbiology
    History I & II
    Music, Theatre

    These are some of the classes I took.
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    Thanks you guys I will look into it more.
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    depends if you are looking into associate or BSN degree.
    The minimum for associate AP I&II, developmental psyc, some sort of communication, college level english, math and may be some chem.