What all nursing students are waiting for...PINNING! ep. 103.75

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    Its Pinning Ceremony Day. And...my sister is coming. Plus - a sneak preview of the NCLEX application process

    What all nursing students are waiting for...PINNING! ep. 103.75


    Weather you are just starting your nursing program or only have 2 weeks left, we are all anxious for the finale with Pinning Ceremony. Hang in there! The time goes by so fast and will be well worth it in the end. I hope my video below gives you some inspiration and a burst of energy to keep pushing through!

    p.s. I added a sneak peak video...enjoy.

    DearNew Nurse

    I mailed my application for my license!

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  3. by   Hello_Pretty
    Woohoo congrats! I just had mine last week! My school is trying to get rid of the pinning ceremony because the students don't attend commencement afterwards. There were only 4 of 40 that attended commencement. I though graduating from college was a big deal lol.
  4. by   Nova12
    Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!! We did it!! Yes, our school is the same way, but how can they think about getting rid of your pinning ceremony?? It's tradition! You should stand and fight to keep the tradition. I wish you the best on your new journey!