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UPMC Online Assessment

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    I recently applied to a position at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. I was recently sent a link to complete an online assessment. Does anyone know what sorts of questions are asked? Is it difficult? Thanks in advance.
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    I was hired by UPMC back in March, and I don't remember getting an email for an online assessment. What kind of assessment is this? Questions about work experience, a physical assessment on a patient, or what? We had to pass quizzes for medication calculations, IV equipment, and other things of the sort, but we did that during the first week of orientation.
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    I've received it when I applied; it's standard for some of the facilities. It's situational-type questions and meant to see what type of person you are. They're not bad at all!
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    Interesting! I didn't get anything like that, but it sounds like an great tool!

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