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tips for passing ATI comprehensive

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    I'm about to graduate here in 2 weeks but first I have to pass the ATI comprehensive test. We have 2 tries and then we don't pass the class. I'm hoping to pass on the first try, but was curious if anyone had any tips to passing the test? Thanks and good luck to all Dec graduates
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    My friend is graduating next week and she passed her comprehensive test with a pretty good grade (she passed!). She told me that she felt that all the studying she did beforehand did not prepare her to pass the test and she said that it was very difficult. What she did was took every practice ATI test that she had access to (making sure to review the rationale of every correct answer and looking up and reviewing things she got wrong) and also studied the Saunders NCLEX review book. She also said, however, that anyone who did not pass the test the first time did end up passing the second time with a much better grade. Good luck!
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    thanks! i took it this morning and with my score, it said i have a 99% chance of passing nclex. i hope that is right! so glad it is over though, one less thing to worry about now
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    Congratulations!!!!:hatparty::hatparty::hatparty: That's terrific!
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    I'm 2 quarters away from graduation, but they have us taking it already. So I took mine and passed, my final score showed that I had a 99% chance of passing the NCLEX. I personally did not study for it, but I was nervous and I must say it was hard. I know some people in my class that did not pass at all, so I won't advice to be like me and not study.

    Take a practice test and see where you need to brush up. I think a lot of it has to do with process of elimination, critical thinking and just knowing content. I did not know some questions but the answers where pretty obvoious to me. So, good luck and congratulations on graduating. You will do good!
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    Do you have the ATI study books? They give them to us pretty close to the beginning of the semester and they really do help if you have time to study them. The problem for us is we have classes the first half of the semester and then clinicals the second half. We are so busy with all theory being crammed into us that we rarely have time to open our ATI books. We take our ATI test before we start clinical. In my opinion it would be better to delay the test until clinicals are finished or at least halfway thru so we could study the books on our days with no clinicals. But I don't make the rules so...............

    I do, howevever, tend to do better on the ATI tests (even with no studying) than I do on my regular class tests. I find the questions are more "cut and dried". A lot of my classmates have had trouble with them though. I think it is more anxiety at having another test than anything else. Usually they all do much better on the second try. I haven't known any of us to exit the program based on ATI scores.
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    I just took the comp ATI for the second time today and passed. I would recomend doing the nonproctered exams several times to really digest the material and learn the rationales for all the right and wrong answers. I also used my saunders book as an alternative resource for things I didn't know or understand. Remember to pray and relax and you will be just fine!
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    Oh yea it was quite a bit of mangement questions specifically related to delegation.
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    Congratulation!!!:clphnds:Am sitting for the exam too in May. Do you think the comprhensive predictor exam is hard compared to the online practice test? And what is the possibility of passing @ 1st time?
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    Quote from KAYBDT6
    Congratulation!!!:clphnds:Am sitting for the exam too in May. Do you think the comprhensive predictor exam is hard compared to the online practice test? And what is the possibility of passing @ 1st time?
    I passed!!! The ATI predict i have 96% of passing NCLEX.:rcgtku::rcgtku:
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    Those ATI Comprehensive Finals are scary. At my school we had to get a 91% in order for us to be eligible for the administrator of my school to release transcripts to the Virginia Board of Nursing. I just graduated about two weeks ago from Practical Nursing. Anyway, basically the test is one of those is what you know or don't know kind of test. You'll be amazed on how mych you learned throughout the course of study. It only took me once to pass it and I got a 97%. It was 180 questions multiple choice, and select all that applies.
    My best advice to you is to practice your ATI's thoroughly (especially the Med-Surg's and Comprehensive Finals). Just have confidence in yourself.