TIPS & TRICKS-first nursing interview ep. 104

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    I'm interviewing today! Come with me and lets cross our fingers

    TIPS & TRICKS-first nursing interview ep. 104


    I had my first interview for a nursing position on the Cardiac/Tele Unit!! WHOOP WHOOP! Enjoy these TIPS & TRICKS for your interview!

    • Bring extra resumes and references!! (put them in a folder).
    • Questions
    • Dress to impress!!
    • Research the facility and prep
    • Bring a calendar in case you need to know specific date

    Some questions I was asked during my interview were:

    1. "Tell me of a time you faced a challenge, how you handled it and how did you mediate it?" (They asked me this question right away...threw me off guard).
    2. What are your short term goals and long term goals?
    3. What are two things your best friend would say to describe you?

    Questions I wrote down to ask:
    1. PT to Nurse ratio?
    2. How long is the training/orientation process?
    3. What hours are the shifts?
    4. What are some challenges on your unit?
    5. What are you looking for in a nurse leader?

    Will I get offered the position??? We will have to wait and see...
    DearNew Nurse

    Please watch the video, the answers to my questions are in the description box. Please Subscribe.

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