There is hope.

  1. I graduated last spring, passed the nclex, no job.

    No interview, No nothing. Just myself and my tub of ice cream to keep me company during my misery.

    Last week I applied for a job - just another mindless application where I go through the basic steps and hit "submit".

    And what do you know. I guess application number 549 hit the spot. Now I have an interview.

    There is hope.
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  3. by   To Help and Learn
    Congratulations birdie22 on getting the interview and not giving up on hope. Good luck with the interview and now you are one step closer to that job.
  4. by   slave_diverRN
    Congratulations....and best of luck on your interview!
  5. by   birdie22
    thanks everyone! I'm taking it one step at a time and celebrating even the fact that I got an interview.
  6. by   TMS1980
    I hope the interview goes well!! Let us know how it goes!