RN New Grad Programs Just Posted

  1. FYI, a few RN new grad programs/positions that were just posted today on Simply Hired if anyone is interested, limited info, but can google facility for more info:

    (You can set up a notification on that site so you can be notified of all newly posted new grad jobs/programs)

    Rn New Grad Catholic Healthcare West Merced, CA
    Rn - New Grad Float Pool Job Spectrum Health Grand Rapids, MI
    New Grad Chandler Regional Medical Center Merced, CA
    Rn New Grad December 2011 Carle Foundation Urbana, IL
    Rn New Grad N Siena --- Address: 8200 W. Warmsprings Road,Las Vegas, NV
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  3. by   harw
    can u tell me plz how much average they goona pay us if its houston,tx ? You have any idea bcos i just passed my board and saw those posting today too. Its hard to find jobs as a new grad nurse