RN-MSN: how to improve application

  1. I am appying for Spring 2010 to numerous RN-MSN programs (Emory, Vanderbilt, Rush and a local university).

    To sum myself up:
    • All As and Bs with exception of Math (C) and physiology (C).
    • Have TNCC, PALS, NRP, ACLS, EMT-B, and took a RN-EMTP bridge course at Creighton
    • Hope to take ACLS instuctor course this spring
    • Working now to finish up some generals and hope to be done by the fall 2009
    • Currently volunteering with Big Bro Big Sis and have a history of past volunteer services
    • 3 years exp in ED as both staff and traveler
    • 1 yr exp in endoscopy
    • 1 year in interventional radiology
    • Studying now for GRE to take in May
    Any suggestions? Any current students at Vandy, Emory or Rush? I will take all info, recommendations, ideas.

    Thank you!!

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