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Petition to help new grads get experience - page 9

In light of the struggles that new grads are having securing a job, this petition may be of interest to many of you. has nothing to do with this petition. We are not endorsing it... Read More

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    Ive seen newer nurses who dont follow safety policies precepting new nurses...oh because they have BSN's while older nurses are treated like its time to put them out to pasture...Bullying is commonplace in nursing and it has no age limit.
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    "Lastly, I think we should shut down all for-profit nursing schools (RN or NP level). Or just make it so that students at for-profit schools do not qualify for federal student loans - the problem will solve itself"by Myelin

    Excellant point Myelin...start that petition.. I will sign...they are raking these poor students over the coals. I dont know how you would police that but we have a saturation of nursing schools in my area and many BSN grads are not even getting jobs unless they had the forethought to work somewhere and be a stellar employee they are not even considered where I work.
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    Sorry for so many posts! But I wanted to thank everyone for their advice. I was running out of ideas. LadyFree28 suggested the peacecorp Peace Corps and for any new grads out there this looks like a really good deal (notice it's a govt. funded program) although the health criterias are strict (i.e. no asthma, allergies, HTN, and prob something everyone in the US has) and the commitment is so long, 27 months, I think it's an excellent idea.

    If any new grad has cash (ha ha ha ha ha) there is an organization ISL Online where you can pay for short volunteer trips out of the country for experience.

    If anyone knows of someone looking to become a doctor, there is a "hand out" progam that is government funded at Welcome to CityDoctors (your welcome ) This looks like a wonderful opportunity and they are willing to give $150,000 scholarships as long as you commit to working in NYC. A promise of a job? Sounds good to me. Unfortunately I love nursing too much. The only thing I don't like is that it sounds like the propaganda I fell for with the exception of it being the prediction of a doctor shortage...also the deadlines are from 2012, but there is a contact you can email. I'll keep you posted on any other goodies I find.
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    We respectfully ask that we stay on target: the petition described above. Thanks everyone.
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    Nightingallow, I saw that you were volunteering at the ER...Sending positive vibes for land a job soon for your volunteerism!!!

    Hope I didn't hijack the thread too much...Just wanted to give hope to a real crisis. I hope to create a thread ASAP for some ideas...if anything, this post helped a lot if people share their stories and bring some ideas to the table!!!
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    Hey all!

    Saw this and thought I should pass it along. I graduated 8 months ago and the job market here (Caliifornia) is horrible for new grads! I've heard many other places have similar situations. This could make a difference for future nurse graduates.
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    This thread does have a lot of gems in it from all points of views. Yes, lets create a new thread for ideas! LadyFree28 would you do the honors in creating the name for the thread? I've already angered too many people with my petition wording . I honestly made it with the best intentions to help everyone in this bind. Yeah yeah, intentions smintentions...that and $2.25 will get me on the train.
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    Nightingallow, I am starting the thread as I speak!
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    [FONT=Verdana,Sans-serif][COLOR=black]The Indian Health Service has job openings.
    Newly Posted Jobs at IHS

    Opened Job State
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
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    I have made the post...

    New Grads!!! There IS a way to SURVIVE!!

    Please feel free to list the resources there...let's keep this going!!!
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    Quote from Mulan
    [COLOR=black]The Indian Health Service has job openings.
    Newly Posted Jobs at IHS

    Opened Job State

    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM
    01/11/2013 Nurse NM

    If they only had any openings in my home state!