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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks Heather for responding to my message re: NCLEX related anxiety. I hope more of you out there can give me advice. I work full-time in pharmaceutical sales and having a tough time balancing it with my reviews. Should I quit or work part-time (20-30 hours a week)?

    Is two months realistic enough to take NCLEX by Oct. 31, 02 if I work part-time? I feel pressured by my parents sometimes...

    Please give me tips and I appreciate your help. Take care and have a fun week.

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    Fit, are you having test anxiety? I didn't study for my NCLEX. I was advised that "you either know it or you don't." I passed with 75 questions and it took me just 45 minutes.

    Know the normals for vital signs. I got stuck on kids' vitals because we hadn't studied those.

    Formulate the answer before looking at the choices. Eat a low fat breakfast (fat slows the thinking process) the morning of your test. Take Gatorade in there to drink and to feed your brain some fast sugar. That's the best advice I can give!

    You know more than you think you know!
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    I agree with Nancy. I did not study. I skimmed ONE review book, something like "NCLEX for dummies". I also passed with 75 questions in 45 minutes. And I was not certain about a single answer I gave on the test. You DO know more than you think you know!
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    I studied about 150 questions a night and took my NCLEX within 2 months of graduation. I passed with 75 questions also. It took me about an hour and 40 min from the time i walked in the door to the time i left.
    They are right,, if you know it you know it.
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    Don't stress too much about studying. I heavily reviewed pediatric and maternal/ neonatal stuff because I didn't feel like we had studied it very in-depth in school, and guess how many peds/ maternal/ neonatal questions I got? Probably about 3! So I wasted all that time for nothing. If you know it, you know it. I also didn't think all the practice questions I did helped me on the NCLEX, but it made me feel better knowing that I probably couldn't have studied more for the damn thing. I passed in 75, thank god! You will do great!

    My advice would be to skim areas you are not too comfortable with, do some practice questions here and there and try to relax! Good Luck!
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    Hi, thanks for everyone who have given me tips about NCLEX. Congratulations to all of you ladies about for your success in NCLEX.

    I think my situation is quite different from you guys coz most of you are recent college graduates who took the boards within 3-6 months. That's far from my case coz I went to pharmaceuticals after getting BSN. So I feel like I need to refresh a lot. I agree that "it's either you know it or you don't", that's why I need to increase my knowledge content so I will know more.

    I've been studying at least 2 hrs. a day and now moving to Health and Promotion parts. I've Kaplan and Saunders Comprehensive review books with Cd-roms. Do I need more?

    Thanks and appreciate your help. Happy Tuesday!
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    all the best to you!
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    Hi there ! I'm in the same boat...with ?'s re NCLEX. Anyone know much about the one in Va.? About how many ?'s to expect? Is it pass/fail or a grade mark? The BEST to you, Fit4Life ! Let us know how it went !
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    I'm also reviewing for NCLEX. NCLEX-RN is a standardized national exam by BON. This means that whichever state we are in are exam will be the same CAT adaptive to our individual knowledge, skills, and abilities. The minimum number you can take is 75 questions to 265 in 5 hours including 10 min. mandatory break after 2 hours and 10 min optional break after 90 min. I've been anxious about the exam too, but knowing as much as you can about NCLEX helps in lowering the stress and fear.

    What kinds of review materials are you using? We can do this! We can pass NCLEX! Have a nice week of reviewing :-)
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    So far I have the Mosby's NCLEX study book... has over 3000 review questions. I refuse to stress over this! I'm going to do as much as I can, but not going to take 6 mos., either ! Hope I can do it before the year's end, that would be nice. I heard sth. about tapes you can purchase.. that would work well for me. Any idea where to order these? Good luck to you ! Let us know when you do it and we'll keep you in our thooughts, ok?

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