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Hi everyone, Thanks Heather for responding to my message re: NCLEX related anxiety. I hope more of you out there can give me advice. I work full-time in pharmaceutical sales and having a tough... Read More

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    I'm a new RN and an "old" LPN which means I have taken NCLEX twice. Both times I took it as soon as I could get an appointment. My theroy is that it's not about what you know but about how you think. No one can EVER know all there is to know about health care-if you did know it all you'd be making millions,-all you can do is take what you do know and apply it to the clinical situation you find your self in. NCLEX is no different than real life. We all hold just a few pieces of the puzzle and we have to try to arrange them correctly so we can guess what the picture is. NCLEX tests your ability to take what you know and apply it to a new situation. I used Kaplan this time to prepare-I like that they teach you to look at the question and break it down in order to figure out what is being asked and to then apply what you do know to figure out the answer. I took the classroom prep and really liked it. My first time around I did not do any type of prep, both times I passed with the minimum number of questions, and both times I walked out not knowing if I had passed. Botom line is to not stress. You passed an NLN approved nursing course and you did not graduate by accident. The NCLEX tests MINIMUM practict standards. Would ANY of your instructors have let you pass with a 50%? That is the passing grade for NCLEX.

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    I agree with Connie. I took my NCLEX about two weeks ago, studied a little (No one EVER feels they've studied enough when you sit down and face that computer...), and stressed alot. When that computer shut off at the minimum, my heart stopped. It only took about 45 minutes- and I was scared to death that I had screwed up. But three days later, I learned I had passed- and I got my license yesterday. If it's been awhile for you, maybe some review would be good. But I would suggest reviewing your notes from school. All the answers you need are there, and you already know them. The NCLEX is about applying it. About the decision you'll make when you have to decide what to do first- how you'll respond to a situation. It's alot of prioritizing. I suggest knowing how to answer a question when you don't really know the answer- test-taking skills. You will have some questions you have no clue about- but the answer is still there in front of you. Focus on an area you felt you were weak in- you'll build your own confidence. But most of all- relax. As Connie said- you passed your courses. You can do this too. I think they said that 85% of people who take it pass the first time. Good luck!
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    congratulations on passing the nclex!
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    I passed my boards last month and I barely studied too! ijust did Kaplan cd-roms, read the book, easy reading gets you in the nclex mind set, and the spring house NCLEX review made incredibly easy and passedwith the minimum! you have the base knowledge, think abcs, maslow, safety, therapeutic communication, some psych, i had no math, one drug question and lots of assessments 1, s2, jvd, geriatric abgs? weird one, know values of basic labs, and abgs, know developmental stages, play, eriksons, you will do fine!
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    Originally posted by fit4lifenurse
    I think my situation is quite different from you guys coz most of you are recent college graduates who took the boards within 3-6 months. That's far from my case coz I went to pharmaceuticals after getting BSN. So I feel like I need to refresh a lot. I agree that "it's either you know it or you don't", that's why I need to increase my knowledge content so I will know more.

    I've been studying at least 2 hrs. a day and now moving to Health and Promotion parts. I've Kaplan and Saunders Comprehensive review books with Cd-roms. Do I need more?

    Thanks and appreciate your help. Happy Tuesday!

    One conprehensive review book is enough. Have you tested yourself using the review books or CD. How did you do? Is there an area where you scored below 85%? If so this is what you study. The as Soon as you get at least 85 in every area that is covered on the exam then go for it. You will go fine.
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    I, too, reviewed very little except for a quick look through an NCLEX book which stressed using the Nursing Process to answer all questions. THat made ALL the difference since usually all the answers could be correct but going in order of the ADPIE, I seemed to make correct choices.

    Lucky me, I got 230 questions. and still passed!!!

    You'll do great!

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