First Year After Nursing Licensure - page 344

You have completed nursing school, have passed the NCLEX, and are lucky enough to have secured your first job as a nurse. Now what!?!?! Nursing school gave you a good foundation, but now comes the task of applying your skills and knowledge to the real world of nursing. This is the place for new Licensed Nurses to come and discuss the challenges you are facing in your first year as a nurse and where experienced nurses can offer some gems and tricks of the trade as well as words of encouragement.

  1. Checking in to say Hi
    • Closed
    by JimboRN Jul 3, '02
  2. One step at a time
    • Closed
    by meownsmile Jul 2, '02
  3. just sayin "hi"
    • Closed
    by Pretzlgl Jul 2, '02
  4. New Grads:  What would help you most???
    • Closed
    by MollyJ Jul 31, '99
  5. New Graduate programmes
    • Closed
    by yvonne johnson Jun 12, '99

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