newly hired- want to ask HR about different position newly hired- want to ask HR about different position | allnurses

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newly hired- want to ask HR about different position

  1. 0 I have just recently accepted a new grad position on the floor I have been a PCT on for the last 2 years. I am thrilled to have a job and extremely lucky, but not thrilled with the manager and dynamics of the floor. I don't see it as a great environment to learn as a new nurse. There is a huge turnover rate and the negativity at work is astounding. I have been checking the hospital's career website and noted a new nurse position for another area- is it inappropriate to contact HR about the posting or to apply if I have already accepted a position on my "home" floor? I am very interested in this other position and would much rather work there.

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    Check your employer's policies -- many places specify that you have to have been working in a particular position/setting for a specific minimum amount of time (six months seems to be common, sometimes a year) before you're eligible to transfer within the organization.