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    Hi friends! I just found out I passed NCLEX today first and last try. I'm very happy and feeling so grateful. I have many people to thank. Thank God Almighty above all. Thanks!

    Now, I have no experience working as a Nurse so I would like to ask for any suggestions where should I start looking for jobs in Los Angeles, CA. Is there any website you guys can recommend? I want to work in the OR eventually but I know I need experience. So I want to start in ICU, NICU...

    Thanks a bunch! I love this site! Have a great day!

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    Go to and click on American hospitals. Then you can typ in the city and you will get links to hospitals and their human resource departments. Good luck!
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    Congratulations!!! That's wonderful. Good luck with the job search.
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    I live in LA and here are some suggestions:

    Children's Hospital Los Angeles
    Good Samaritan Hospital
    Long Beach Memorial (Miller's Children's Hospital)
    USC University Hospital (surgical but no peds)