New Graduate fear

  1. Hi all,
    I recently just graduated university and received a graduate position at an amazing hospital.

    This week I started on the ward and thoughtout all of my shift I had this strong fear about making an medication error. The fear is so bad I cannot stop thinking about it and dread going to work. Before each shift I get really upset and have heaps of anxiety. I have even considered just dropping out.
    I love my job however, don't know if I can continue when having this much fear.

    Does or did anyone else have this issue? Please let me know your thoughts and advice.
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  3. by   Crystal-Wings
    A little bit of anxiety at your first nursing job is normal, but if it's effecting your ability to work I would consider talking to a therapist or other mental health professional.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    Some fear is normal, but that sounds extreme.
  5. by   Crystal-Wings
    Is the unit you work on very high stress and high acuity? (i.e. ICU, PICU, ED/trauma, etc.) Maybe switching to a unit that's less high acuity would be helpful.