New Grad Intern Interview for Oncology and CCU!!!

  1. Hi everyone! I have an interview next week for a Med-Surge Oncology floor and for the CCU the following day. Both are at two different hospitals in an area I would love to live in. I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding interviewing for an oncology position. Its not something I really thought of in nursing school but I would love the opportunity to work with cancer patients and learn about this population. I'm really just thankful for an interview. I applied for the med-surge floor and the manager told me that it's comprised of oncology patients. I'm not really sure what questions I would be asked and what I should focus on other than the general behavioral questions. If anyone has any tips on how to prepare for this speciality or has gone through an internship like this I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone has any advice re CCU I would love to hear it. I just had more time to prepare for the CCU interview and just received a call for the oncology one. Thank so much!
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