New Grad in Need of HELP!!

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I need some advice. I'm a new grad. I graduated 6/09 with a BSN. I took the NCLEX in July 09 and passed. I looked and looked for employment and was not successful. Okay I freaked because I needed a JOB. So I received a offer at a long term facility. I took the position as a charge nurse. I'm now applying for New Grad Program at acute care hospital. Should I tell them that I have been employed at LTC for 2 1/2 months. Will this hurt my chances of employment Please Help!
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  3. by   lweatherby
    I graduated in August and took a position at a LTC position that same month. I applied for a GN position and I listed that I was currently employed at a LTC. It didn't seem to be a big deal and I got the GN position. They asked me questions about the patient load at the LTC facility and was pretty shocked at the number of patients I had and the SHORT orientation that I received.
  4. by   LUVNURSING2008
    Thank you for your reply!