New grad getting ready to take my boards any advice?

  1. I just graduated in May 2002 and started working in a cardiac ccu at Jewish hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. I am so excited about finally jumping into the world of nursing. (Its kind of like clinicals but I get paid! ha ha) I am taking the NCLEX on July 13, 2002 and am very stressed out about it. So far all my friends who have taken it have passed but were so worried sick waiting for their test results. I guess that is part of the initiation of becoming a nurse. The nightmare of waiting for the results. If anybody has any good advice for me I am willing to take it. I did take the Kaplan review course but I want any and all advice.
    Thanks for your help in advance!
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  3. by   ryaninmtv
    Take as many practice questions as is humanly possible. I took about 1000 prior to taking the NCLEX. Also, Frye's Nursing Bullets published by Springhouse is an excellent reference of facts that could show up on the exam. As for the content of the boards, look for a lot of management and prioritization of patients. I only had two drug questions and none with calculations. Think big picture, not minute details. Most of all, relax and you'll do fine.
  4. by   wsu.rn
    i went to wright state university on ohio. took my boards this past feb and passed.i did take a review course from a man in ohio and it was wonderful. I also used a book out by the princeton review. Advice. relax and be confident it what you already know. You cannot learn everything crammed in these review one does. And the makers of the nclex exam do not expect you too. best of luck
  5. by   shay
    I didn't take a review course, but then again, I tend to test well.

    My advice if you're a nervous test-taker is to take a review course and/or do practice questions.

    Just relax and eat a good know, like taking the S.A.T.'s.
  6. by   rickostrat
    I just passed my NCLEX on May 25th'02. It hit me with all the
    questions but passed. Keep your confidence up and read as many questions as you can. Remember management, delegation such as who would you assign what to do. There was some patient teaching and psych. Also remember airway, infection and hemmorage
  7. by   nurse4kids
    Thanks for the advice everyone. Like Tera and 99% of other graduate nurses that are preparing to take the NCLEX, I'm very nervous but trying to remain positive.

    I take my boards July 19th and then am taking off for about 2 weeks of vacation (thanks to taking the summer off...broke, but relaxing , so hopefully I won't stress TOO much about getting the results back. Hopefully soon, I'll be in others' shoes, giving them advice about how to pass the NCLEX!

    Good luck Tera!
  8. by   bungies
    You could try moving to Australia... LOL
    We need nurses, too, and you'd get out of the NCLEX (although you'd have to do an equivalence test to get your Aussie registration)
    Mind you, you'd still have to do it if you moved back to the U.S.
  9. by   jude11142
    originally posted by toodky
    i just graduated in may 2002 and started working in a cardiac ccu at jewish hospital in louisville, kentucky. i am so excited about finally jumping into the world of nursing. (its kind of like clinicals but i get paid! ha ha) i am taking the nclex on july 13, 2002 and am very stressed out about it. so far all my friends who have taken it have passed but were so worried sick waiting for their test results. i guess that is part of the initiation of becoming a nurse. the nightmare of waiting for the results. if anybody has any good advice for me i am willing to take it. i did take the kaplan review course but i want any and all advice.
    thanks for your help in advance!

    hi tera,
    i graduated in april and took the nclex june 25th and passed!! i too, was so nervous and even when the computer shut off at 85, i was like, "wait, i need more questions, lol'".....what i found to help, was taking many review tests/nclex preparation tests etc.....oh yeah, i took the exam on a tuesday and on that saturday, there was the letter that i passed in the mailbox! i couldn't believe it, since everyone told me that it would take 3-6 weeks. anyways, the day prior to the exam, i didn't look at any books, tried to relax and have a pleasant evening. i also scheduled the exam later in the day as i am not a morning person.

    best of luck to you, i'm sure that you'll be fine. lol, i know that means nothing as people said that to me before the exam and even told me that you'll pass, left me still unsure of myself but now i find myself telling others the same advice.
    hang in there,

  10. by   indeed
    The only piece of advice I can give you is to do what YOU need to do to FEEL prepared. You passed nursing school, which means that you have that knowledge floating around somewhere. I myself didn't take any sort of review classes and I didn't buy a book...I took 3 months off to destress (and I needed every second of it), rolled out of bed the morning of, took a shower, and jumped right into it. Passed on the first go round, and I attribute that to the fact that I felt centered and confident enough to take it, not because I know all there is to know (impossible!!). The only other thing I could say is KNOW WHERE THE TESTING CENTER IS!!! I drove past it three times. Hehe.

  11. by   futrnurse
    I had all 265 questions as well but I passed. I took review course but it really didn't help any. I feel like the other posters that you passed nursing school so the knowledge is in there somewhere you just have to pull it out. I feel you will realize you know way more than you think you do. Good luck...
  12. by   toodky
    Thank you all for all your advice. I took the test today and feel totally clueless as to how I did. I had 75 questions. From what I hear, most people pass when they get 75 questions. I guess I will just wait it out for 2 weeks and we will see.
  13. by   rn2binmay
    My advice to anyone taking the boards is skip the review course (spend the money at a spa the day before!), buy a book with a CD and do about 50-75 questions a day for about a month. That's it, do that and you'll be ready. My review course spent tons of time on meds and I only had one med question on the Nclex. Majority of questions were prioritizing (remember Maslow and ABC's). I can honestly say nothing I learned in the review was on the exam. I wish someone had given me this same advice. Good luck to all.
  14. by   mark_LD_RN
    you are right rn2binmay,most questions will be priortizing and delegation type questions. also been seeing a lot of diet type questions lately, ie. patient on coumadin what kinda foods can they eat: avoid dark green leafy vegables,stuff along those lines.
    definitely do not cram the night before get rest and relax if you have not learned it in 2 to 4 yrs of school you are not going to learn it in a few days.