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New Grad ?

  1. 0 How long should I refer to myself as a "new grad?" I graduated this past June and now have 6 months experience in the workplace. Is there a standard length of time that I am considered a new grad?
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    A year?...I really have no idea....
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    6 months i would think. after that, consider yourself a "recent grad"

    I graduated in May, the hospital doesnt consider me a "new grad" anymore. after 6 months, i am just a "Staff RN". working on TNCC, done with ACLS, NALS< PALS, and Moderate Sedation. Im just "one of the gals" now, instead of the new guy

    Hope that helps!
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    To Brandy,

    thanks for the input. i am definitely a 'new grad' (yahoooooo!!!) and i wanted to know what you meant by NALS<PALS? is this some type of training you needed for ER nursing.

    congrats btw for getting to ER so quickly after graduating.
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    I remember reading your posts when you were a student...I looked forward to reading your posts. Anywhoo------what is TNCC? I am still a lowly student here, I don't know all the acronyms yet I hope you're enjoying life as a nurse!!! I'll be there soon-----
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    in australia we have what is called the 'nurse graduation program', in which you are contracted for a year, and as such are a 'grad' for this time. i am just about to start my grad sounds different in the u.s!?
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    I have been an RN for three years now and since my work schedule and experience have been so erratic, I still FEEL like a new grad!!:chuckle