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  1. Hi everyone who has taken the NCLEX. I am getting ready to take mine, and would appreciate it if you could provide examples of all of the questions you can remember being on the test. And...I have a Kaplan book a Davis book, and a Mosby book. I have noticed that the style of questions in each book are different from each other. What book matches the style of question on the actual test?
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  3. by   meownsmile
    I dont think there is any specific style of questions. You have to remember there are a possible 265 questions per test, and not all tests are the same, hence the possibilities are endless.
    If you are using those review books, taking a few questions a night from each and checking your answers. Keep it up and you will most likely do fine.
    Only one tip i can give,, they told us in our review class,, the first 10 or so questions sets the tone for your whole test.
    You'll do ok,,