My First Nursing Job Application ep.102

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    So, I graduated from nursing school recently and now its on to the job application process. Here is what it looks like...

    My First Nursing Job Application ep.102


    Today's post is about when I started applying for RN jobs and how I decided to apply at which facility.

    A little some research!
    I mean're in nursing school, you should be AWESOME at research now (eye roll).

    But seriously... look up the facilities you are considering working for. You can find out a lot about a company by searching their website.

    Some things I looked for to help me decide:
    • Wages
    • Do you agree with their mission statement?
    • Benefits offered
    • Are they union?
    • Drive Time

    ...look up anything else that might be a priority to you.

    NOW- I started applying for jobs about a month before graduation. Some students wait till after they graduate, and some wait till after they have passed the NCLEX. I personally want to get back to work....REALLY BAD! Hence, applying a month before graduation.

    I encourage you to also watch the website often for any new positions that show up so you don't miss the opportunity to apply for something in an area that you would prefer. When I filled out my profile, I checked the little box saying "Yes, I would like notifications of new positions". That allowed me to receive emails anytime a position opened up that I was interested in.

    Watch my video below to learn more about my process for applying for your first nursing job!

    See you soon!

    DearNew Nurse

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