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Just graduated RN school and started working on med-surg floor I followed another RN for 2 nights then turned loose to have 10 patients. Is this the norm or what????... Read More

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    No, this is not normal. I would resign.

    And remind me not to be a patient at this hospital ... it's clearly not safe.
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    Did you have 10 patients for the entire shift or did you, during the course of the shift have 10 patients to flow through your hands because of discharges, transfers, or the like? In our observation unit, (a component of med-surg), that is not uncommon. But to KEEP 10 patients just ONE night would have me pounding the pavement as soon as I got off because if you accept it one time, they WILL do it to you again!!! And again! And again....clear on up until your court date to defend your license!
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    Yeah, no. Run away from this job. Typical is anywhere from 10 to 14 weeks of on the floor orientation for a new grad. Prior to this a bunch of classes to get you up to speed on other things you'll need to know on the floor.
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    Holy crap I'd be running from that job like I was on fire. Protect your license!
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    Ok so I had THREE MONTHS orientation on a Neuro/Medsurg unit right out of nursing school... and even THAT wasn't enough! Two nights and then wham 10 patients is mind-boggling for me. That's NOT SAFE!!! I'd leave as soon as reasonably possible, before your license is on the line.
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    I would not work there. I had 3 weeks as a new grad 4 years ago and it was horrendous. I can not imagine 2 days.
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    No thats not right. I just started on a medsurg floor and I am going to get 6 full weeks of training with a preceptor so that I can actually be prepared to be on my own. So sorry to hear that you are not being trained the way they should be training you. Have you spoken to your director? You should mention to her that you don't feel safe to be on the floor by yourself with not too much training. I hope it all works out
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    Its pretty standard in other countries. UK Ireland Australia NZ. OP where are you?
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    Sadly it's standard in Australia. 2 shifts, 3 if you're lucky!
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    RUN!RUN! RUN!, give notice, they probably wont make you work thru it, what do you know about SAFE HARBOR?

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