INVOLVEMENT- It could land you an interview! ep. 103.5

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    Volunteering is a great way to get an "in" at the hospital where you want to work. It worked for me - here's how I did it.

    INVOLVEMENT- It could land you an interview! ep. 103.5

    How getting involved landed me an interview with ER!

    HELLO Beautiful People,

    I want to talk about getting involved...ugh I know! Like we have any more "extra" time to donate, however...JUST DO IT!! I cannot express how strongly I feel about getting involved. I truly feel that I was given the opportunities that I have due to my involvement with the community, students, and facilities.

    Due to my connection in my community and coordinating events with facilities, I was able to land an interview for the ER at the hospital I want to work at. I was in direct contact with the Manager from the ER department, I sent her my resume and cover letter through an email after I had submitted an application online. She then took the time to personally email my resume to HR, whom then contacted me for an interview! SO, I highly encourage you to get involved, join your schools nursing association.
    Give back, show the world what nurses can do beyond the walls of a hospital!

    Please watch my video below to learn more. Thank you for watching!

    DearNew Nurse

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