Introducing self to prospective employer (networking)

  1. I graduated with my BSN in December and I currently work in the ER of a hospital (though as a contracted employee) and I'd really like to introduce myself to some of the hiring managers (some who know me, others who do not). I have applied to said hospital's nurse residency program and I have been advised my multiple people to make my intentions known and would like to do so.

    But how do I do that? I guess I'm not sure how to approach them and what to say aside from 'Hi I'm so and so and I work in the ER and I would love it if you'd give me a job'. (j/k lol) I don't want to come off as a beggar/schmoozer/brown noser but I do want them to know I'm serious and really interested in joining their unit. Nursing is such a different bird--I think networking is a bigger deal :/ do I strike up a conversation out of the blue with a nursing manager who I really need to impress???
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