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I need help please

  1. 0 Hello Everybody i am trying to get into a graduate program for my master of science in nursing. But my G.P.A IS 2.5 and most school i appplied to require 3.0 please anybody as a suggestion for thank you.
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    Many graduate schools will allow you to begin taking the nonclinical coarsework prior to admitting you into their graduate nursing program. Others may utilize a provisional admission by reviewing all aspects of the applicants files which may include exceptional references, letters of recognition, above average scores on the GRE, or maybe a great interview with the Dept. chair person.

    Some of the most brilliant people I know have come in through the back door

    ......and then there are those who crawl though the window.
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    I am doing my graduate program and a c was their criteria via the distance program I am doing. If you want information PM me.

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    Some colleges will make an exception after looking at your transcript and interviewing you. A high score on the GRE helps!