I figured out what NCLEX stands for....

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    Okay I'm trying to joke around to keep from crying.
    NAUSEA-CONFUSION -LINGERING-EVERY minute waiting for the answer to X!!!
    I have always hated algebra and the X-unknown!!!

    I have tried to refrain from posting until the results are in but here it is after 3 o'clock in the am and I'm not sleeping. I know the biggest majority of you on this board have lived through this but this is like being in labor for days.
    The computer shut off @ 75. I have searched the internet and I know that most pass at 75 but there are a few out there that failed at 75. I just pray I'm a passer.
    I should be able to find out the "unofficial" results at a website hopefully late Wednesday or early Thursday.
    But seriously I am very nauseated and a nervous wreck not knowing.

    I'm sure there are nervous smilies I just don't want to search for one. Maybe this one is nervous he sure is jumpy:roll
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    First off, I hope you passed. I am praying for you!

    Next, OMG!!!!

    I woke up at about 5am this morning. I am scheduled to take that dreaded exam TOMORROW!!!! If I can't sleep today, how the heck am I suppose to sleep tonight?

    Anyways, the only advice I can offer, as someone going through the exact same thing, is do whatever you can to keep your mind off of it!!! Sure wish I could live by my own words. Haha.

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    Good Luck Nurseleigh!! I will say a prayer for you.
    I still don't understand why they won't tell us the same day.
    You know they know immediately. That just urks me that they make us wait. I would never make it if I had to wait 4-6 weeks.
    Let me know what you think after you take the test. How many questions etc. Good Luck!!
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    Big {{{Hugs}}} to you both!

    mom, I know EXACTLY how you feel. The computer went off at 75 for me too. I just knew that I had failed, because I honestly couldn't remember one question that I had felt good about. I thought I had missed them all. But low and behold, I passed. Everyone I talked to had said, don't worry you passed. But I couldn't believe it until I saw the results.

    So I feel it's the same for you. Good luck and let us know when you get the results.

    Leigh, good luck and try to relax. I know, easier said than done. But it'll be over soon.
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    Been there, done that! Relax, you passed!
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    Hi, I hope and pray for your success in NCLEX! I'm taking NCLEX-RN next week, first time and hopefully the last time. I feel a bit nervous yet excited...simply want to get this over with. What sucks is that I got to wait for long since I live in CA and no unofficial results here :-(

    Keep us posted. Take care. I hope and pray we pass it!

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    After I've quit my current job and start nursing school I'll tell you all an interesting story about the NCLEX exam. For privacy/security reasons I can't tell you now!!

    Isn't that intriguing?
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    AUGGGGH I'm intrigued. Log on as someone else and tell us NOW! lol
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    LOL,, yep know that nausea well. Walked out of the test and got instantly sick. I hadnt ever felt that way after or before a test in my life. And i took the LPN boards too without the side effects. Thought i would lose it for sure. 75 questions and thats it, dont pass go dont collect 200 bucks until they say you can. Dont know what is different about the NCLEX-RN that causes that. Good luck,, i bet you did fine.
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    Well, here it is, 12:07AM the night before the big test and guess what???? I CANNOT SLEEP!!!!!

    I have to be up in six hours to start getting ready to leave on my hour and a half drive to the testing center and I just can't get a wink of sleep.

    I keep thinking, what if I fail? What if I get a flat tire on the way and don't even make it? What if, even though I have been to the building, I get completely lost and drive around aimlessly for a few hours? Or I could get there just fine only to find out that my soda that I just had to have for the drive spilled all over my ATT form? Will they except it if it is soaking wet?

    Okay, I know I am really stretching the imagination here. Trust me, I know!!! It is so weird that I am not so nervous about the actual test as I am in just getting there.

    You know what, whatever will be, will be. That is my philosophy today. If I am not meant to pass this test the first time, I will just continue to work where I am now and retake it in three months, worst case scenario.

    Now, if I could just convince my brain to LET ME SLEEP!!!!!