Grad student seeking personal nursing stories

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    I am a graduate student working with two nurse researchers who are creating a handbook specifically for new nurses.

    The purpose is to address nursing situations that are 1) confusing/disempowering, or 2) successful/empowering. Can you take a minute to respond on line to the following two questions?

    1. Have you encountered a reaction or situation as a student nurse or new nurse where you were unsure how to respond? Or a situation that was ambiguous and made you doubt yourself resulting in your feeling disempowered? Please describe.

    2. Can you identify a situation as a student nurse or new nurse where you felt insecure or uncertain, and then communicated successfully to turn it around and the situation ended in a feeling of empowerment? Please describe.
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    Moved to Academic Nursing Research Participation Requests Forum, as most appropriate for this type of nursing research request