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First Job Jitters

  1. 0 After 100's of applications I have finally landed a PRN registered nurse floater job for RENAL-Medsurg-vascular-pulmonary floors.
    I feel so lucky to have landed the job, but I feel unprepared and nervous.
    It has been a long time since I've covered renal nursing. Any advice on what is most helpful to study up on before my first day on any of these floors? I got the first job jitters! (Especially after reading through most of these posts!)

    I need encouragement!
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    Being nervous and even a little worried is what shows that you are aware that you have much more to learn and grow. These are qualities that will serve you well and make you a stellar nurse.
    You will receive training so all will be well, in the meanwhile cardiac and renal isues are commonly linked so if you need a place to start refreshing your memory why not kill two birds with one stone and look up renal complications of cardiac failure.

    Good luck!