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  1. 0 I was asked to rewrite my nursing note :bowingpur
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    Quote from mindy1982
    I was asked to rewrite my nursing note :bowingpur
    My preceptor has asked me to do that on a few occasions. She's offered suggestions on making it "better." For example, when I d/c'd a patient for the first time and wrote a note about the patient being d/c'd, my preceptor instructed me to include that I performed d/c teaching. It seems trivial, but it's actually critical. So now I remember to include that ever time.

    There are so many things you can write notes about or write BETTER. If you were asked to RE-write it, I imagine your preceptor wanted you to use your knowledge to try and improve it. I hope s/he offered you advice on improving it and gave you positive support once it was completed.