Calling all Nursing Students...Get Involved! ep. 106

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    Getting involved helped me land a job interview. Here's some concrete suggestions regarding volunteering.

    Calling all Nursing Students...Get Involved! ep. 106

    Hello lovely people!

    Get involved you say? Dedicate more time, you say? YES! This does not mean you have to get all crazy and jump right in...start small, go slow. Every time I dedicated myself to an event/involvement, I benefited from the experience. It helped my grow as a person, as a nurse and even a student nurse. The extra time I took away from my study time did not hinder my grades, if anything it made them better. It forced me to stick to a strict study schedule (which meant I actually studied when I should) plus it allowed me to speak to other students and nurses which gave me insight, knowledge and study tips.

    Ways to get involved:
    1. Join your schools nursing association
    2. volunteer at a hospital (maybe the one you want to work at)
    3. help with blood drives
    4. mentor lower classmen nursing students
    5. Invite different nursing departments/staff to come speak to your students

    How exactly did involvement help me get through nursing school you ask? Let me tell you.

    1. Nursing Association- this allowed me to network with hiring managers from almost every facility in my area. I would invite different nurses to come speak to our students about what is offered to many more things such as; hosting conventions, mentoring sessions, blood drives, scrub give aways, new student orientations, teacher benefits, scholarships etc.
    2. Volunteer at a hospital- the hospital that I wanted to work at our school did not do clinical hours at, so I signed up to volunteer. I volunteered one day a week for 3 hours. I got to know the facility, the nurses, and decide if this was truly where I want to work. The nurses and managers also got to know who I was. On top of that, it gave me a good brain break for 3 hours and I was able to stand on the side lines and see some pretty cool stuff!
    3. Blood Drives- we had a mobile blood drive come to our school...this is a great resume booster and it takes no time at all to help! ( you can actually bring flash cards to study)
    4. Mentoring- I always had a hard time justifying taking 2 hours out of my day (even though it was only one day a week) to help mentor, but I did it anyways and every time I was so thankful that I did. I was an inspiration and support system for lower class-men AND it allowed me to refresh on old material that I really should know instead of purging.
    5. Invite Guest Speakers- when you invited nurses, schools, or departments to come speak to your students, you learn something new as well as being a main contact which in turn could help you land a job right out of nursing school.
    6. CONVENTIONS- I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend going to nursing conventions! I learned something new from everyone I went to. I was able to go to one convention every semester and the day I took off from studying was well worth it. You get to network, learn about higher education, NCLEX study tips, FREE STUFF-whoop whoop, and much more.

    I know this article is a little long... watch my video below for all the details discussed above!! ENJOY!

    p.s. GET INVOLVED!

    DearNew Nurse

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