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Yippee!!! Passed Health Differences!

  1. 4 I passed health differences this morning! A lot more nutrition on this test then I expected. On to the next one....
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    Great job!!
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    Whatever you are doing Peter keep up the good work. You will be finished before you know it
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    another milestone towards your goal. You have reason to celebrate
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    Thanks everyone! Each test I take and pass I realize this is really do-able.
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    Ill take the nutrition over fluid and electrolytes! Congrats on the pass, I take mine next monday. What exam is next for you?
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    Chronicity then all I have left are the LS.
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    Congratulations! I am taking the test this Friday.
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    I will be taking the test of Friday; hopefully the TCN text is sufficient to pass the material. I scored a 73 on the Excelsior practice test. Keeping my fingers crossed then off to Repro.
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    Took the test and got an A! Now off to Reproductive Health in four weeks?