When is the better time to take a CPNE workshop? When is the better time to take a CPNE workshop? | allnurses

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When is the better time to take a CPNE workshop?

  1. 0 From those who have taken workshops and then the CPNE, when do you recommend taking the workshop in relation to your test date? Is it better to do it earlier? Or is it better to do it a little closer to your test date?
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    Hi. I was scheduled for my cpne last december 4th. I did my excelsior workhop november 8th. i thought it would be good to do them close to each other. but what I think is most important is that you know the studyguide inside and out prior to the workshop.they would actually prefer it that way. i truly think it is a wasteof $900 to not know the studyguide before the workshop, but thats my opinion. they teach the workshop under the assumption that you know the studyguide. Also important, you will work on the lab skills at the workshop. so if your cpne date is close, the skills will be fresh in your head. good luck to you.
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    I took my CPNE 9/14-16 and went to Sheri Taylors workshop in August. Before going to the workshop I did glance over the study guide briefly.