Those who passed LS 1....

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    Taking Lifespan 1 next.. Any study tips? What did you use?

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    I haven't taken LS yet.. But have taken transition and am taking health safety next week.. I'm studying practice exams.. And reading the books... I am looking for study tips too!
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    i found LS1 to be the easiest of all the LS series. from what i can recall know your meds. I used the required med-surg book along with Saunders NCLEX review book. Good luck you can do it..Also follow the content guide and take the practice exams well worth the $$.
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    I found LS1 to be easiest test for me. And by easy I mean that I, as a paramedic, was already very familiar with most of the material. I used tcn for it and passed with an A.
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