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    Hi, I am very confused about the tcn modules. Are they copies from a website, that the individuals have to print out themselves, or is it a book? I've heard a lot of different answers, so I just want to make sure before I got ahead and purchase them from someone. Please help!! Thanks!

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    The ones I've seen come printed from TCN and are in binders. I used a couple of TCN modules when I was doing EC's ADN -- I think I had them (purchased used) for Microbiology and what is now Health Safety. I don't believe TCN has them online for students to print -- there would be a huge risk of bootlegging if that were the case!

    Check eBay -- there are usually TCN products for sale, and they often have pictures of the binders so you'd be able to see what they should look like.
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    okay, so when someone says that she had to print them out and it cost her 10 cents a page, that's not what i want then, right?
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    Doesn't sound right to me. I would clarify where she got them in the first place.
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    okay thanks!

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