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    I just purchased the studyguide101 cd. There seems to be a ton of information on them! Does anyone have any suggestions or study stratagies on what to concentrate on? I know that it follows the study guide from EC, but how do I narrow it down? Any input is appreciated!! Thanks!

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    Did you mean studygroup101? I like their stuff - have used it for all my classes so far and passed. I go by the syllabus you get from the college and follow along in the sg101 guide then I do the quizzes. Sometimes the extra stuff is also really helpful and they have some links to videos and such.
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    Thanks, yes, I meant studygroup brain is fried already! lol
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    Is this your first exam? It gets less confusing after you've taken one or two! B
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    how do you purchase the studygroup 101?
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    that's the link in the previous post - it just says 'home'

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