Straighterline... Do i need Lab for Anatomy and physiology for Excelsior college?

  1. 0 So do i need the Lab portion, I called and they couldn't answer my question.

    Straighterline offers it with Lab and without a Lab, please help
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    I got this from Straighterline's Excelsior page... looks like Excelsior will accept either. But to be on the safe side, try calling an adviser at Excelsior.

    Transfer College Credit for Online College Courses to Excelsior College - StraighterLine

    p.s. Those credit limits specified in the asterisk portion at the bottom will apply for all students that enroll on or after Oct 1.
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    Hi! So about those astricks... If I were to apply now, just to the school in general I can transfer all of my classes? I have 4 classes through straighterline and would love not to take them again. Any info, if you have any would be greatly appreciated.
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    According to my advisor, the 7 credit limit will not apply as long as you are enrolled before October, but you have to ENROLL, not just apply.

    Good luck!

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