Plan on paying Cash for Excelsior college, will i ever get reimburse ???

  1. 0 I want to get reimburse in the future for completing my RN, is there such thing? Will an employer reimburse me even if I paid through my own money???

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    Employers that I'm familiar with require you to be a full-time employee for a year before you qualify for tuition reimbursement if you go to school while you are an employee of theirs. Haven't heard of any that reimburse after the fact, that'd be nice!

    LPN who can't wait to be a RN!
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    Just think, in the long run you'll get reimbursed by making more as an RN! I got reimbursed for part of EC's program by my hospital, but I had already been there for a couple of years and had access to education benefits.
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    You're absolutely right Pixie, RN..

    Thanks ladies

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