Passed my CPNE at St. Mary's in Madison, WI Passed my CPNE at St. Mary's in Madison, WI | allnurses

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Passed my CPNE at St. Mary's in Madison, WI

  1. 2 I can breath again!! I am so thankful that I have passed my CPNE! I will post my journal soon.
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    Congrats !!!
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    Congrats !!
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    Awesome!!! Seems like it was a good CPNE weekend for some of the allnurses crowd.
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    Congratulations!! Time to celebrate!!
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    Thank you all!!!!
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    Now your name should be JJRN!!
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    Woohoo!!!! Congrats!!!!
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    This is actually the site I failed the first time around... Happy for you, at least someone got some tears of joy from there. I passed the second time at Grady April 13,14 and 15th..great job!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
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    Congrats to you too!!
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    Congrats GN. Do some celebrating then get ready for the NCLEX! You are so close to done.