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    Quote from fewtur-rn
    CONGRATS to everyone!!!!! I passed chronicity today, 2 weeks ago, I passed transitions, 2 weeks before that I failed repro but that's ok. Next week I will re-take repro and pass. Took health safety a few years back, passed on 2nd try. I will never give up. Even though I don't post much, I read through ALLNURSES everyday for encouragement. I would like to thank everyone one this sight for encouraging me to keep the faith and never give up. THANKS GUYS:
    Wow - every two weeks!!! EEeeek! That just makes my head spin!
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    @ ChrisRicci,

    Super! Wonderful news! Can you give me some insight/study path? I haven't enrolled yet and will be taking my first exam Transition soon. Im so siked out because of not knowing how to retain the info the fastest yet. Thus far I plan on taking practice exam next week to see where am at, Ive been studying studygroup101 notes, and following excelsior study guide. Attempting to get a good feel for these notes. Unsure if I should read all info and than take exams for retention or just read read and more reading which is time consuming. I need a fast method due to many people read info. but not retain anything and find themselves stumbled come test time. I know I can do well with independent study, but I have to get a great study path that works. Looking to hear other stories to see what make me retain info the best. From reading your post; you seem to have a great way to study. Please share

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