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    Thanks everyone! and nursewannabe71, yes Chronicity is one of their exams..

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    I don't know what it is but congratulations on passing. It sounds hard!
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    no seriously,whats chronicity?
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    what exam?nursing school entrance or licensure?
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    It's a nursing exam for Excelsior College. You're in the Excelsior forum.
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    Passed chronicity yesterday with an A - psyched!!!
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    CONGRATS to everyone!!!!! I passed chronicity today, 2 weeks ago, I passed transitions, 2 weeks before that I failed repro but that's ok. Next week I will re-take repro and pass. Took health safety a few years back, passed on 2nd try. I will never give up. Even though I don't post much, I read through ALLNURSES everyday for encouragement. I would like to thank everyone one this sight for encouraging me to keep the faith and never give up. THANKS GUYS:
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    Quote from ChrisRicci
    Passed chronicity yesterday with an A - psyched!!!
    Me too!! CONGRATS!!
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    How was the exam? I am studying for this one now?
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    Quote from g8sushma
    How was the exam? I am studying for this one now?
    I didn't think it was tooooo bad.... definitely get the Practice Exams, study the content guide, do the quiz at the end of the content guide. There were definitely some hard questions, but also some easy ones. GOOD LUCK!!

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